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Ex-RAAF C-47 Dakota on display at Mulwala, NSW (Daniel J. Leahy, 2014)
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The team at AviationHeritage.org form a community of like-minded heritage and technology specialists that are currently attempting to document aviation heritage and history using a variety of modern technologies. We hope that much of this will be presented for free through our website AviationHeritage.org and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

At present there are a number of arrangements in place that allow the Aviation Heritage team to access, photograph, research and develop a digital archive of aviation sites and objects. In order to complete these agreements to the highest standard new equipment needs to be purchased and associated costs are going to be incurred. While we currently have access to much of the material we require, further pieces of hardware as well as software licences will be required to allow us to perform these tasks quickly, more efficiently, and present them at a greater level of detail. This will then allow the end user you to gain access to our work sooner and with greater accuracy.

At the moment a number of pieces of hardware are urgently required, including:-

  • Drone and associated equipment (batteries, etc).
  • Digital SLR Cameras.
  • Laptops (for communications and research as well as 3D and Virtual Reality development).
  • Computer storage devices (external hard drives, SD cards, etc).

For businesses or organisations that provide any of the required equipment, we are willing to include their logo and a link to their webpage in the sponsors section at the bottom of every page on our website. For individuals who assist, we will include their name in the Contributors section of the website. Additionally, the names of those groups or individuals will be included in any journal articles or conference presentations where their donated equipment was used.

Please feel free to contact us if you believe you can assist in directly donating any of the hardware items listed.

Additionally, anyone who believes they may be able to assist our cause by providing access to documents, photographs, artefacts, or historic sites, should also feel free to contact us.

Thanks in advance,

The Aviation Heritage Team


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