B24 Liberator A72-80

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Acknowlegements and external links

While every effort has been made to keep all the information on this site as accurate and factual as possible - there may still be some inaccuracies of detail. If discovered, please inform me (the email address is at the bottom of every page).

At this point I would like to thank the following for their assistance:-
Bob Livingstone; Tom Fitzgerald; Dean Norman (ADF Serials); (Dr) Silvano Jung (Marine Archaeologist); Daniel Leahy (Pacific Wrecks Database forum); Ian Parry-Okeden (nephew of the Bombardier); Russ Connolly (manager, Truscott airbase 2004); ..
and recently -
Ross Anderson (Western Australian Museum; dept maritime archaeology); Jim Miles (wreck-hunter) - and many, many more - apologies if I've not listed you yet.

DJH August 2009.

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Pacific Wrecks Database forum

Peter Dunn's "OzatWar" page on the crash of A72-80

Wikipedia page on Truscott Airbase (now Mungalalu)

My visit to Truscott - 2004
YouTube - (4-5 minutes each)
Part 1 (trip from Kununurra to Truscott)
Part 2 (at the base)
Part 3 (return trip to Kununurra)

Australian War Memorial website

Western Australian Museum website

ADF Serials
(a comprehensive listing of all RAAF aircraft)

Darwin Bluewater Charters

Kimberley Fishing Charters

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning - we will remember them | dvdh707@gmail.com

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